Vilnius Santariškės Consulting-Teaching Centre


Vilnius Santariškės Consulting Teaching Centre

Santariškių str. 7, 08406 Vilnius

phone: (8 5) 2 72 05 55




Santariškių Consulting Teaching Centre of Vilnius was founded on the 31st of August 1990. The Centre started its activity on the 1st of September 1990.

The teaching Centre is trilingual educational institution where the training is carried out in Lithuanian, Russian and Polish. The main Centre activity areas are the following: elementary, basic and secondary education. The Centre does not issue educational certificates.

The process of education in the Centre is based on the Order “Regarding approval of the order related to the children’s education in medical institutions” issued by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, and secondary modern schools general plans issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.

30 teachers are employed at the Centre, they include: 1 expert, 6 supervisor-teachers, 12 senior teachers and 1 teachers. At the beginning of the study year appropriate teachers shall be appointed by the Centre Head to work in appropriate departments. In most cases the same teachers are working for the same sections.

The year of study for students under treatment starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 19st of June (the period of the students’ holidays to be set by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania). At the Centre students are taught 5 days a week: from Monday to Friday. The training Centre students are children of schoolchildren age that are treated in this medical institution. Maximum training load: for pupils of 1-4 forms: 4 lessons; for 5-10 form pupils: 5 lessons (the load can be decreased taking into consideration the condition of health).

Lesson duration for the 1st form pupil is 30 minutes; for the 2-10 form pupils – 40 minutes with 5 minutes’ breaks between lessons and one 20 minutes’ long break. Students are taught according to timetable to be coordinated with the Board of Administration of Hospital. Training can be only arranged after having obtained the written permit issued by a head of the appropriate hospital section and physician in charge. Each section has a curator responsible for appropriate pupil data registration in the section registration book. Teachers shall be informed about potential pupils based on these records. The curator is to prepare training timetable for pupils under treatment to be approved by the head of appropriate section and the Centre Head. Children whose period of treatment is longer than 21 days shall be taught at the Centre (some children are treated under appropriate intervals, they can stay at home for a short period of time but they do not go to school within this period of time). Training shall be carried out in 2 and more groups of pupils and individually. The following pupils shall be trained individually:


Children suffering from oncological diseases;

Children with psychical disorders and those suffering from nervous diseases;

Children placed to hospital upon dispancerization;

Children that were taught at home;

When in one ward there are less than 2 pupils to be taught in the same language (Lithuanian, Polish or Russian).

In all other cases pupils shall be taught in groups. Walking patients are taught in specially equipped premises, and bed-patients are taught in their wards. Students’ knowledge, abilities and skills shall be assessed by the 10 points system. Elementary school pupils shall be assessed the way they were assessed at school prior to hospitalization. After having obtained the teaching permit the section curator shall provide a pupil with a free form reference the teachers shall record the training process results in. Senior curator shall be responsible for free-form references preparation. Reference in question shall be issued by the section curator. There will not be any registration book of the free-form reference because the reference mentioned shall be equal to the school grades registration book. The student in question is to submit the reference to his/her school. The following subjects are taught at the Centre: the Lithuanian Language and Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Geography Chemistry, Biology, Informatics, History, English German, French, Religion, Ethics, Philosophy. Students are provided with textbooks from the Centre library or use the textbooks brought from home.